Kia Opirus 2004-2009 Factory Service Repair Manual


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Instant download Kia Opirus factory service manual 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, which contains anything you need to know about making minor service or repairs to the vehicle. This manual has full repair and maintenance instructions, plus images, diagrams and pictures to follow of the repairs. Even mechanics around the country use this type of manual while working; so you know if they use it, it has to be good!

All the major topics you need to know come within this manual, which includes step-by-step instructions, illustrations and diagrams, wiring schematics and specifications for you to complete any repair required as well as troubleshoot on your own. With this service manual on hand, you can have 100% confidence that you can make any fix needed without professional help, which can end up costing you a fortune. After all, everyone who owns a car should know these basic and simple repairs, so there is no need of going to a mechanic.

This Kia service manual can help you with any repair that needs to be done. You might be scared to touch your car for fear of making some sort of mistake, and rendering the car beyond repair. This would only be true, if you didn’t have the right resources and tools at your disposal to make the necessary fixes. You will find however, that this manual will end up paying for itself with all the repairs you can make on your own; anything from oil changes, spark plugs and even air filter changes.

The Kia Opirus repair manual comes with detailed instructions, pictures, and easy to follow tool resources so you know what you need to complete each repair. Just think of it, you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by making the repairs yourself. You know, sooner or later repairs and maintenance will be needed on your car, so having this handy manual nearby will put your mind at ease. See the list below for most of the repairs listed in the manual, there are more included than what is listed below:

Engine: 3.5L | 3.8L
Transmission: Automatic

– General Maintenance
– Troubleshooting
– Engine Service Repair
– Transmission Service Repair
– Brake System
– Electrical System
– Suspension (Front & Rear)
– Wiring Diagram
– Periodic Lubrication
– Steering
– Cooling System
– Fuel Injection / Fuel System
– Emission System
– Heater/ Air Conditional
– Engine Control System
– Chassis / Body (Interior/ Exterior)
– Restraint System
– Differential / Drive / Axle

Kia Opirus 2004 Service Manual
Kia Opirus 2005 Service Manual
Kia Opirus 2006 Service Manual
Kia Opirus 2007 Service Manual
Kia Opirus 2008 Service Manual
Kia Opirus 2009 Service Manual

REQUIREMENT: Unzip tools (7-zip) & Adobe Reader
OPERATION: All Windows Version / Mac / Linux OS

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Kia Opirus 2004-2009 Factory Service Repair Manual
Kia Opirus 2004-2009 Factory Service Repair Manual
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